Impoverished Without It

Impoverished Without It

The book of Acts marks a pivotal time in the early church. Renowned theologian John Stott proclaimed, “Thank God for the book of Acts, for the New Testament would be greatly impoverished without it.” As the Gospel message received “legs” and was sent out to the ends of the earth as commanded by Jesus in the Great Commission, new people groups were being reached. Faithful leaders proclaimed the good news of salvation through Jesus in areas yet unreached by the Way. When viewed through a twenty-first-century lens, it’s tempting to view the book of Acts as a how-to manual for what a successful church looks like. However, in doing so, we might miss the aspect of calling—we might miss the actions of the Holy Spirit.

What can this pivotal book teach us almost 2,000 years after it was penned? How does it fit into the overarching narrative of Scripture as the message of Christ moved from the few to the many? Join Pastor Chad Stuart as he shares the opening message in a new series from the Book of Acts titled “Impoverished Without It.”


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