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Suffering Well

Why does God allow suffering? There’s nothing wrong or sinful about asking this question. I’d dare say that when we witness or experience suffering, it’s the very question that God longs for us to ask.

Book Suggestions for Your Winter Reading List

I’ve had the pleasure of reading several excellent books lately, and I wanted to share the ones that are worth your consideration as you ponder assembling your own winter reading list. I don’t know about you, but when the thermometer dips, it’s a signal to me that the time has come for books and warm beverages. It’s not that I don’t love winter weather—I do. But there’s…

Let the Score Take Care of Itself

Renowned football coach Bill Walsh led the San Francisco 49ers to success 102 times over his 10-year career in the National Football League (1979 to 1988). Complementing this impressive record, he was able to amass three Super Bowl wins as well (1981, 1984, and 1988). Coach Walsh recounted his journey in a book published in 2009, titled “The Score Takes Care of Itself.”…

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

I recently heard a story on a podcast I was listening to. It’s a well-worn business management story—one that I’d heard several times before. However, this was a church leadership podcast, so I was hearing it with “new ears,” so to speak. The story goes that a new CEO stepped to the lectern to address a room of gathered employees at the 100-year-old company he’d been…

A Report from the Outreach Ministry Fair

The Spencerville Adventist Church celebrated its first Outreach Ministry Fair on September 8, 2018. This special event was organized by the Spencerville Adventist Community Services in conjunction with the pastoral staff to showcase the current outreach ministries provided by the church to its community. The threefold purpose of the fair was to create awareness among…

A Glimpse of the Divine

By all accounts, Ned Brooks is a fairly average guy. He has awife and three kids, a house in Norwalk, Connecticut, and considers himself semi-retired at age 65. I became acquainted with Ned’s story as he shared it with journalist Stephen Dubner, who hosts the popular podcast, Freakanomics. Several months ago, Ned was listening to an earlier episode of the show where Nobel…