Pressed Like an Olive

Pressed Like an Olive

Olives are sprinkled throughout Scripture. Israel, and more specifically the area around Galilee, is rich with groves of olive trees and hence olive-related products. Oils for food, oil for soaps, oils for lamps—the people of Jesus’ time knew how to maximize the production of the fruit, pressing multiple times to extract as much moisture as they could. However, not every press of the olive is valued equally. Why? Join us for worship on Saturday, May 6, as Pastor Chad Stuart talks about pressing olives, and why the lessons learned have critical implications for the mission of the church even today.

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Evensong Concert - Harmonius Journeys: A Tapestry of Time and Emotion

Join us for the season finale of our 2022-23 Evensong Concert Series at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. Join us in person or online for an event titled “Harmonious Journeys, a Tapestry of Time and Emotion.” It’s our Minister of Music, Michael Patterson‘s final concert with us before he moves on to start his doctoral program in Ohio at the end of May.