Exodus Series: Those Blessed In-Laws

Exodus Series: Those Blessed In-Laws

God has created human beings to exist in community. The book of Psalms speaks of “iron sharpening iron”—essentially, that each of us is made better because of those around us. Part of living in community is possessing the humility to receive counsel from those more experienced than ourselves in order to grow. This is what we see in Exodus 18 as Moses receives advice from Jethro after sitting in judgment over the Israelites. How does Moses react to this unsolicited advice? What changes do we see in the Israelite culture afterward? Join us on Saturday, June 29 at 11:15 AM as Pastor Chad Stuart shares a message from the book of Exodus titled, “Exodus: Those Blessed In-Laws.”

Download the study guide for next week: http://bit.ly/2Lokgup (PDF, 35kb)


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