Human beings are an interesting lot. If you watch our public gatherings, you’d assume (correctly) that we place a lot of importance on gathering in tribes to cheer on the things that we value. Some of us get dressed up in elaborate costumes that tell others about our rabid devotion to a sports team, our favorite band, or a singer. The especially devoted may even get permanent tattoos to complement their apparel. When things are important to us, we want everyone to know. We’re true fans—perhaps even fanatics! We want the world to know that WE are a member of this tribe. However, for many of us, including some inside the church, we’re not this way about Jesus. We pledge our allegiance to a sports team and stop short of doing so to the One who came and gave all for us! Why are we less than fanatical about our love for Jesus? We invite you to worship with us as we share one last service in 2020, as Pastor Chad Stuart brings a message titled, “Fanatics.”


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