A Model for Church Elders

A Model for Church Elders

The apostle Paul, the writer of much of the Bible’s New Testament, was never one to shy away from his calling. In Acts 20:17-37, Paul lays out the ideal qualifications and characteristics for a church leader. He did so while declaring to the believers in Ephesus that God was guiding his ministry and they would never see him in person again. Paul placed the Gospel message as his highest priority—more so than his own comfort or even his own life. Do we model this same level of commitment to sharing, testifying, serving, and praying in Jesus’ name? Are we allowing God to lead and guide our ministry—both personally and corporately?

Worship with us on Saturday, September 25, at 11:30 a.m. as Pastor Chad Stuart delivers a message from our series on the Book of Acts titled “A Model for Church Elders.”

Sermon Notes

The Book of Acts: Model for Church Elders (PDF, 87kb)