Back to the Future: For the Common Good

Back to the Future: For the Common Good

We believe that the church is a training ground. When it’s operating at it’s best, God works through it to use the spiritual gifts of those within it for the betterment of all within its reach. But we sometimes fail to properly utilize the gifts of some within our midst, choosing instead to celebrate only those with certain, special gifts. Those with the preferred gifts are tapped to serve, while those with gifts deemed “lesser” sit by and watch. How did this become normative, and what can we do to address it?

Join us for worship on Saturday, September 12, as Pastor Chad Stuart delivers the final message in our Back to the Future sermon series, “For the Common Good.”

If you’d like to join us in person for an outdoor worship service at the church, please let us know by visiting the Outdoor Worship Service Sign-up Page. We will have several options for attending, including congregational seating, and an in-car experience listening through FM radio. In order to help us comply with local and state regulations, we ask that you sign up if you plan to attend. Thank you, and we hope to see you there!


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