Are We Authentic?

Are We Authentic?

Many in our community work for the Church. More still are counted among those who volunteer their time in service to God’s church. As leaders in the Advent movement, we have a responsibility to ensure that what we do matches what we profess, and that our actions “make God’s name great” within the circles in which we circulate. Why does this matter? Worship with us on Saturday, April 13, as Pastor Chad Stuart delivers the second message in his series from the book of Malachi titled “Are We Authentic?”

Join us for Community Service Day!

Come get your hands dirty serving within our community!

Join the Spencerville church family in service on Sunday, April 28, 2024, as we hold our first annual Community Service Day. Our Community Services team has worked to provide several service options for you, your family, and your Connect Group. There’s something for everyone!

Visit spencervillechurch.org/service to review the projects, locations, and time slots.

We want you to share the joy that comes through service! Remember to take photos during your service project to post on your social media accounts. Tag the church @spencervillesda and use the hashtag #spencervilleserves.