Jesus Loves You: As Your Creator

Jesus Loves You: As Your Creator

Do you know that Jesus loves you? Many of us acknowledge it with our lips, but do we really understand? Do we really know how He loves us? This week, we’re beginning a new three-part sermon series titled, “Jesus Loves You.” In it, Pastor Chad will look at three of the ways that Jesus emphatically demonstrates His love for us.

We begin with “Jesus Loves You: As Your Creator.” Every aspect of creative expression is a demonstration of Jesus’ infinite love for us. Yes, He loves all of His creation, but humanity is special. How does he show us? In the grace and kindness of others, and in His “first book,” nature. If you’re struggling to find glimpses of hope in 2020, this is a sermon message for you. Join us on Saturday, November 28, at 11:15 A.M. as we worship together!


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