Seven Pictures: Jumping the Shark

Seven Pictures: Jumping the Shark

Much attention is paid to a church’s size and reputation as indicators of success. Spencerville Church is a large church if you look at our membership numbers—more than 2,000 strong in October of 2020. However, size is not a foolproof indicator of success or health, as we’ll see in John’s letter to the Christian church in Sardis from Revelation 3. “I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.” If we’re being honest, Jesus’ words sting a bit. Are we presently resting on past success? Are we claiming to be alive when we’re really dead? We invite you to worship with us this week as we continue our look at the seven churches of Revelation—taking a look in the mirror as we do so. Pastor Chad Stuart will share the fifth message from this Seven Pictures series titled, “Jumping the Shark.”


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