Women’s Situational Awareness and Personal Safety Seminar

Women’s Situational Awareness and Personal Safety Seminar

Ladies! Women’s Ministries invites you to join them for an empowering and essential seminar on personal safety. This situational awareness and assertiveness training is designed to benefit women of all ages, offering valuable skills that can be applied in various settings.

In this comprehensive and interactive afternoon seminar, you will learn how to navigate your surroundings and avoid any potential altercations confidently—no weapons necessary! Together, we will explore practical ways to handle various scenarios, such as grocery stores, malls, movie theaters, driving, school events, concerts, fairs, dining out, and many more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your personal safety and develop crucial skills to protect yourself and your loved ones. Join us and learn how you can stay safe in any environment!

Meet the Instructor
Aly Breggin is a Frederick, Maryland, resident and has taught and trained situational awareness and assertiveness to businesses, church congregations, and community groups for over 5 years. She is a mother of two wonderful kids and loves cooking, physical exercise, and making meaningful connections with her friends and family.