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'church' Tagged Posts

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

I recently heard a story on a podcast I was listening to. It’s a well-worn business management story—one that I’d heard several times before. However, this was a church leadership podcast, so I was hearing it with “new ears,” so to speak. The story goes that a new CEO stepped to the lectern to address a room of gathered employees at the 100-year-old company he’d been…

Encouraged by the Ordinary

It’s easy to think of the disciples as an elevated group that followed Christ—wandering to and fro, teaching and healing in His name. But they were a rag-tag bunch of guys with ordinary lives—each with quirks and issues. However, in them, Christ saw something He could use, and He bid them to follow—committing the totality of their lives to the ministry (Luke 9:2-3).…