Frequently Asked Questions About our Sanctuary Worship Service

Frequently Asked Questions About our Sanctuary Worship Service

As of May 28, 2021, all regulations pertaining to pre-registration, check-in, and social distancing have been removed in Montgomery County. We’re excited to continue worshiping together in our sanctuary at 11:30 A.M. As we gather together indoors once again, there are several details that may be slightly different from what you remember. We’ve compiled a list of frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) to best prepare us for a safe and joyful face-to-face reunion.

Common Questions

Do I still need to sign-up to attend?

No. There is no longer a requirement to pre-register or check-in when attending indoor worship services.

Do I need to wear a mask?

The mask mandate has been removed for those who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. If you’ve received a full series of shots (or a single dose from Johnson&Johnson) and have waited the mandatory 2-3 weeks (depending on the vendor), you are considered fully vaccinated and are not required to wear a mask. If you have NOT been fully vaccinated, then according to CDC guidelines and voted Spencerville Church policy, you will still need to wear a mask while indoors at Spencerville Church.

What if I want to continue to wear a mask?

We want your time with us to be enjoyable as we worship together. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, or you have an underlying medical condition that may require you to wear a mask, please do so. This is a judgement-free zone for those who continue to wear masks.

When are your worship services held?

Our in-person worship services will take place at 9:00 A.M. for our outdoor/drive-in service and at 11:30 A.M. for our regathered indoor service. Our online worship service (now live streamed) will also move to 11:30 A.M. on Saturday mornings and can be accessed on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, or right here on the Spencerville Church website.

What will the indoor worship service be like?

It will be much the same—familiar—but also different. We’ll enjoy beautiful music, a hopeful message, and a warm, helpful greeting. However, to ensure that everyone is safe, a few things will be different. We will not be able to enjoy congregational singing just yet, but we are looking forward to the day when it can return! The church has many hand-sanitizing stations distributed throughout the building, which we encourage everyone to use. You may also notice that we are unable to distribute bulletins, pass plates to collect the offering (however, there are two collection boxes in the foyer), or provide hymnals and Bibles in the pew racks.

How many people are allowed in the building?

All capacity limits have been lifted and we have returned to our full sanctuary capacity.

What about Sabbath School classes?

We are still in the planning phase of bringing our adult Sabbath School classes back to regular indoor service. More information will be shared very soon.

Will there still be an outdoor worship service option?

Yes. Our outdoor worship service is held at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday mornings. The upper parking lot behind the church will be reserved for those who wish to sit outside on their own lawn chairs. You are welcome to remain in your vehicle for worship, however, you will need to park on the lower level or the gravel parking area near the back of the property. 

Will the online worship service still be available?

Absolutely! We will continue to offer a high-quality streaming experience on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and here on the Spencerville Church website. A number of our local members, as well as many who are new to our community, have told us that they will continue to engage with our worship services online, as they’ve been doing throughout the pandemic.

What if I’m not yet comfortable with attending a worship service?

That’s okay! Many people have different levels of comfort, so please do what you feel is best for you and your family. We’re happy to have you join us for worship outside, inside, or online!

Will there be congregational singing as part of the worship service?

Yes. We are now singing within the sanctuary as part of our 11:30 A.M. worship service. However, if you’d like to come and worship in person but would prefer not to participate in congregational singing, we’ve set aside our “South Porch” seating area for those not yet ready for congregational singing. It has its own air supply and is fully separate from the sanctuary behind glass walls and doors. When you arrive, ask a deacon or greeter to be seated in the “no-singing” area, and they will happily oblige.

Can I still give my tithe and offering during the service?

Presently, we have made the decision not to pass the offering plates during the worship service. It is still our preference that all giving be done online. However, we understand that online may not be an option for everyone. We’ve set up giving boxes, beautifully handmade by one of our members, in the church foyer. If you’re in need of tithe and offering envelopes, please contact the church office and we will mail them to you.

What about off-site gatherings, such as small groups?

Small groups will continue to meet off-site. For the most part, groups gathered via Zoom will continue to hold events and meetings virtually. However, our small groups are small enough to meet safely in person, provided that all the recommended safety precautions are followed.

Health and Safety

I’ve been vaccinated, do I still need to wear a mask?

No. As of May 28, 2021, the mask mandate has been removed for those who are fully vaccinated. (see above)

How are the facilities being cleaned and prepared for the worship services?

An extensive cleaning and disinfecting procedure will take place before and after every service. There are several additional steps that we’re taking to make sure that our facility is safe:

  • Our services and guest interactions will be intentionally touch-free (e.g., no hugs or hand-shakes for now, no bulletins, no pew Bibles or hymnals, and we will not pass an offering plate, etc.).
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available at all entries and exits as well as throughout the building.

What if I’m not feeling well?

If you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, including:

  • Coughing, difficulty breathing, loss of taste, etc.
  • Close personal contact with anyone known to have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis over the past two weeks.
  • A fever of 100.4 over the last 72 hours.

If any of the above apply to you, please stay home and worship with us online

Parking and Arrival

Where should I park?

As of May 28, 2021, we are returning to normal service, meaning that you may park wherever you’d like or is convenient in the Spencerville Church parking lot.

Will the restrooms be open?

Yes, but in order to be sensitive to the different needs and feelings about personal space, we ask that no more than two persons occupy a restroom at a time whenever possible.

Will the sanctuary side rooms be open for families?

No. The only side room that will be open for seating is the South Porch.

Will the mother’s room be open?

Yes. The mother’s room will be open for a mother to change or feed her child as needed. However, due to the limited capacity in this room, please do not use it as a location for viewing the entire service.

Sabbath School

What about Sabbath School classes for our children?

At this time, we can only offer our online ministry to those in our children’s division. However, we are actively planning to hold an outdoor children’s program between our first and second services very soon.

What about Sabbath School for the Middle School and Youth classes?

There is currently a hybrid in-person/online Sabbath School meeting in the Youth and Middle School rooms at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday mornings. Our plan is to transition to exclusively in-person Sabbath School this summer. If you’d like more information on the hybrid Sabbath School, please contact Pastor Matthew Piersanti.

What about our Collegiate and Young Adult Sabbath School classes?

They will remain online until further notice.

What is the plan for adult Sabbath School classes?

Our adult Sabbath School classes will remain online for now. We are grateful to our Sabbath Schools and small groups which have exhibited the hand of Jesus from week to week during the pandemic!