Condolences to the Friends and Family of Those Recently Passed

Condolences to the Friends and Family of Those Recently Passed

In this week’s Weekly Update, we paid tribute to several people with connections to the Spencerville Church community who have passed during the last several weeks. Please remember the family and friends of those below in prayer, as well as other families who have recently lost loved ones.

Judy Anders Koch

Dan and Tammy Loukota shared this week that Tammy’s mother, Judy Anders Koch, passed away. Judy was a Spencerville member for many years before moving to Florida about 20 years ago. Despite the distance, she maintained ties to this community through Dan and Tammy and her parents, Jack and Betty Jo Anders. We ask for prayer for Dan, Tammy, and their family as they mourn Judy’s passing. (Photo: Dan Loukota/Facebook)

Charles Hill

We received word that Charles Hill, a longtime member of the Spencerville family, passed away at the age of 94. Charles and his wife June were living in an independent living facility in Fairfax, Virginia. Please keep June, Gary, and the rest of the Hill family in prayer as they remember Charles and await their reunion upon Jesus’ return. More information will be shared as it is available. (Photo: June and Charles Hill, 2001 Spencerville Church Directory)

Antoune Youssef

Antoune Youssef passed away on December 26, 2021, after a battle with cancer. He was 69 years old. Antoune was not a member of Spencerville; however, before COVID, he had been a regular attender with his wife, Dolly (who is a member). Antoune shared close friendships with Phyllis McElmurry and Tim Lale and received regular calls and visits from Pastor Kandace as he battled an aggressive form of cancer. Pray for Antoune’s family and friends, most of whom are in Egypt, as they mourn his loss. (Photo: 2017 Spencerville Church Directory)