Charter Members of Spencerville Church

Charter Members of Spencerville Church

On December 27, 1941, the following 39 individuals became charter members of the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their names appear in the order in which they were voted into membership.

H. Ray Doyle
W. R. Rison
Laurence DeLong
Mrs. H. Ray  (Anita) Doyle
H. Ray Doyle, Jr.
T. J. Haviland (Thomas)
John Wilson
Mrs. John (Gladys) Wilson
William Dresser
Mrs. William (Anna) Dresser
Boyd Reed
Mrs. Boyd Reed
D. E. Robinson (Dores)
Mrs. D. E. (Ella May) Robinson
William Nesbitt
Mrs. William Nesbitt
C. B. Ullom
Mrs. C. B. Ullom
James Record
Mrs. James Record
Mrs. Laurence DeLong
Mrs. Raymond Rokes
Mrs. W. R. Riston
John Hickman
Mrs. John Hickman
Raymond Rokes
Mrs. Alma Wilson
Theodore Mikso
Mrs. Theodore Mikso
T. E. Burtness
Mrs. T. E. Burtness
Harold Burtness
A.H. Downs
Mrs. S. C. Ullom
Roy Wilson
Mrs. Christine Seibel (subject to baptism)
Mrs. Lillian Amos (subject to baptism)